Today was a nice relaxing day after a long hard week at work. I wish I could be more productive and at least start baby steps in that direction. Hopefully this blog thread is a step in the right direction.

Anyways, it wasn’t that bad a day considering I got to watch a thriller of a match with Nadal winning by the narrowest of margins. It was supposed to be a walk in the park but due to some inspired play by Pablo Andujar it turned out to be a thriller. I still thought Nadal’s experience and mental toughness would take him through easily in the third set especially when he was a break up. However, Pablo broke back and even got a couple of match points that had me pacing across the room.

However, as mentioned probably many times in this blog, and even many more times while talking about him, following tennis as a big Nadal fan is one of the most inspiring activities. That inspiration not often translating into personal action is another matter.

Other than those thrilling three hours of tennis, I spent a couple of hours cooking both meals. I don’t often stress the therapeutic effects of cooking but on delving more into it – its almost like meditation because it allows me to get away from technology. No rush to browse internet or check my phone. I really need to get away from technology more and more – that is the key to higher productivity. Even if it means going outside and taking a walk.

Anyways, today’s happiest moment is a simple one – watching Nadal win a thriller.

Other contenders:
– Cooking dal chawal

(2) Health – did stretch and run for 10 minutes. Used lacrosse ball for massage for another 10

(3) Ideas – staying away from technology more and more; simply need to track my time more

(4) Career – …

(5) Hobbies – From the book ‘The Secret’, the idea of radiating happy thoughts just by thinking happy thoughts

(6) Networking – talked to Pallavi Bhabhi; reached out to saku


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