It has been a few days since I last posted on this hashtag. Anyways, things have not been happy to say the least. Most of my life is shattering right now. Work life is getting worse and worse each day with an incredibly increasing desire to leave ZS. Personal life is in a mess for some time now but never thought it would get even worse. Unfortunately, I still don’t think I have reached rock-bottom yet.

The only good thing is ‘hope‘ – hoping for a better future and while exploring for new job opportunities, I am very excited about the options out there. I desperately want to get into either Kellogg or Tuck; but if not, then I need to have a plan B where the first step is to get out of ZS.

Options- apply to analytics firms like salesforce.com, tableau, IMS

Learn how to create dashboards till you are at ZS – it will help in future irrespective of what I do.

Anyways, looking forward to 14th evening when Tuck decision comes out!!


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