Alright – I was right in my last post. Things continue to get worse – not got into Tuck either. 

It has been almost 20 hrs since the decision came out – so I don’t feel as bad now compared to then. I have stopped thinking also. Otherwise it just hurts. With my beloved practice area – CJS – in talks of being stopped, it is just heart breaking. My baby and my only love at ZS is being killed is a terrible feeling.
Having friends to share these times is helpful – I talked to Saku last night and that was helpful. Why is life so cruel for people like us?
Playing tennis is so therapeutic – not sure if I have ever mentioned this here but I have definitely thought about this like hundred times. It makes me forget all the troubles for that one hour while I just focus on that ball.
Going to Sandys for breakfast is definitely one of the brightest spots of my life in Philly. Stella is a great person and her warm smile helps in distressing times like these.
Anyways, I need to buckle up and get passionate about stuff I feel excited about – learning new things. Getting back into Photoshop, dashboard stuff, applying for new jobs sound exciting. Nothing is achieved easily – when luck is so bad, the only way out is hard work and there is definitely scope for that. So let’s get going.
And yes, the happy moment of last 24 hours – talking to Saku!!!

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