The amazing thing about books is that it gives you hope – even in the gloomiest of circumstances. The ideas are usually ideal and not always practical – but they give you that glimmer of hope and energy to keep going. As the saying goes, ‘if you are going through hell, just try to keep going’.

That brings me to the book I am currently reading, ‘Switch’ by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, that discuss the practical ways of bringing change, either in professional, personal or societal level.

I need to keep hitting my brain with the suggestions so they become engrained inside me sooner than later. And hence, I am listing them down even before I have finished the book

So far, the biggest takeaways are
(1) having a clear mind about the small steps; small steps lead to bigger things but unless there is clarity about even the small steps – difficult to make the big leap

(2) motivation – catering to the ‘elephant’ needs. This one is tough but need to entice myself with the emotional benefits of the change. Hope for a better future is probably too broad.

(3) creating the situation / laying down the path for the change – book talks about that barriers to change are not usually because of people but due to the situation. Like simply starting with smaller food portions can reduce your calorie intake.

Anyways, I plan to keep track of my thought process while reading the book. Hopefully something finally gets engrained!

And oh btw, I am trying to be positive even at work. Though I am looking for other opportunities, but I am not just going to hang around. I am talking to JJ to make CJS the next big thing and bring more sweeping changes to how we aim to sell our projects. Lets see how all these things work out!


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