Be more productive!

Following your heart and intuition

That’s all I have done most of my life but is it really my heart speaking? Isn’t it simply a construct of how the environment and peer pressure have shaped my thought process? Yes but then that is what life is all about. 
I like to think I am not influenced by what other people say or do or think. But the fact of the matter is that I do care what other people think. I don’t know. Everyone has their own life journey. Why am I so frustrated with my life? Seemingly, I have quite a bit of time on my hands – that I can use to be much more productive. 
Why am I so selfish? Why can I not help others without expecting anything in return? I don’t like doing anything for anyone. I am so self occupied. How can I change? How can I become a better person?
Do not take anyone for granted. Invest in both personal and professional relationships without expecting anything in return. If that is too tough, then just think of it as an investment in network building that will add value to the future. Forget about your ego.

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