Planning is the key to being productive. I complain in my head all day long how much I procrastinate and even though, I know the solution, I still do not do it.

However big or small my goals or ambitions are, they would never be successful without a plan. Having a concrete plan is so important. And that is for both short-term and long-term as well as both personal and professional. Creating lists is also important so let me start one today about the different things I need to create plans for:

– How do I want to spend my time in a week? For example, how much time playing tennis versus reading a book versus work versus cooking etc.

– Plan out the MBA dilemma like now

– Plan out my career options within Pfizer (of course assuming no MBA)
       – Who all do I need to talk about options? Like secondments in brand team etc.
       – Explore job postings

– Plan out my career options outside Pfizer

– Worklife: Creating a short-term / long-term calendar of project deadlines and assignments

– Plan out the extra training required to raise my level


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