Living in US for last five years and traveling around the world should allow me to describe multiple experiences where I faced and handled cultural diversity. However, I can’t fucking think of one.

Let’s brainstorm.

Diversity could be in many ways – food, language, time differences, style of communication etc.

First experiences
First time I came to US on my internship, what did I feel working here? One of the biggest moments I remember is the sign of respect. Even greeting people however old with first name seemed a very big deal. The other was food. I entered delis ordering cheese burger, only to realize that a cheese burger is not just cheese, but also has beef in it! Ordering a vegetarian burger was not really a concept many delis understood at that time.

Again that is not one remarkable experience that shows “my” approach to cultural diversity and how I handle it well. Plus they are too old and naïve to discuss in an essay.

Volunteer experiences
So far, I have been thinking about the enriching experience at Udayan Care, with volunteers from all over the world creating a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, not just culturally but also education.

Dinner with family of a tuk-tuk driver at his home?

Professional experiences
Translating quarterback reference leveraged from American culture into a professional setting.

Working on a project across multiple time zones – US, India and Germany. It was difficult setting up meetings due to time differences.


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