Do I have too many things on my plate at work as well as outside work? Can there be too many interests?

Just thinking about my current interests outside work – tennis, stock market, personal finance, mba, hiking/camping, cooking, health consciousness. This is excluding the obvious more important people in my life – parents, brother/bhabhi, love interest; as well as my interest in volunteer work like Udayan Care that has taken a backseat for now. Hopefully, becoming a member of UC chapter in US, as well as a board member of Brendan’s NGO might help me become more active in community work.

Just going over this list, all are very important to me not just to stay busy but also for my personal growth. The question is how can I be more productive? Should I roughly allocate certain number of hours to these activities each week / month? Or are there other ways to stop my mind running wild anytime I think of anything? Could increased use of ‘Pomodoro’ technique help in this?

My professional work around healthcare and analytics is what brings the dough back home for me to dabble in other activities. How can I make that more fun and inclusive in my life and not just work? I know my short-term goal in the next couple of years is to explore opportunities in small healthcare startups or ideas that can excite me! How do I achieve that? Network!! Reach out!! Exchange ideas!! Brainstorm!! Discuss ideas!! And then write them down!! Write, write and write… that is one thing I didn’t mention as my interest, but whether it is an interest or not, I better start writing more. Not for the sake of my future self reading these ideas, but helping the present self to unburden and let the mind be creative rather than trying to remember and juggle these ideas and interests.

Get inspired and inspire others! Help others!


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