Written actionable thought bubbles

In my endeavor to be productive, I need to push myself to write more on this blog. Though I have tried this before and failed, I need to continue trying. Maybe it sticks as a habit one ‘fine’ day and then actually be able to take actions on the numerous ways I envision my life to change.

So here I go again with a list of thoughts on top of my mind these days:
– Personal life: Spending time with my loved ones
– Career: Next steps as either MBA or job change
– Personal growth:

     – Reading books
     – TED Talks
     – Meditation
     – Podcasts
     – Blogging
– Tennis: Playing as well as watching
Things I should be doing as higher priority but NOT currently doing:
– Becoming an idea machine (writing down 10 ideas every day)
– Healthy living: eating and exercise (exercising every day)
– Networking: connecting with old and new friends (email someone new every day)
– Work: seeking out growth opportunities within Pfizer to expand my horizons

P.S. Just reading this a couple of days later, I am surprised that stock markets did not feature in this list. Actually, it never does when I want to be productive though I spend such a large chunk of my vella time looking at the stock trends and so on. Kind of confused!


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