Idea Machine – Day 2/200 (Do!)

Spending the weekend celebrating Ansh’s birthday along with Dusshera was a nice changeup to the routine. The drive back and the time at home gave me some time to listen to more podcasts and read more articles. However, as I begin this quest for knowledge as well as wisdom, I also realized it is not worth it unless I am able to apply the learnings. It won’t be a direct action. A lot of it would be at a subconscious level and permeate into all spheres of my life. However, I need to actually start taking action as well – for example, start flexing my idea muscle at work.

Anyways, back to the idea framework

‘One new idea related to technology’
Machine learning. For example, how Siri, Cortana work?
Action: I have joined Coursera’s machine learning course. So hopefully over the next couple of months, I can develop further knowledge in this field.

‘One new scientific learning’
Listening to the podcast, ‘People behind the Science’, where a leading scientist, ‘Dr Patrick Lusk’ talked about the field ‘molecular biology’. For example, I learned about the congenital condition named ‘Heterotaxy’ where the organs are located abnormally across the abdomen rather than the usual or mirror position. He discussed about how genetic engineering was used to identify the genetic makeup of such individuals and how they have been able to develop mechanisms to avoid such genetic conditions in future babies etc.

‘One new life lesson’
Act! Take action. Just a small step. It will give rise to big things. Be patient.

‘One new idea related to work’
One is to reach out to Lisa to get her feedback. Thank her for the award. And lay down some ideas related to Personalized Marketing, but again, more importantly, listen to her thoughts.

Another one is to start listening to the ‘Pharma Marketing’ podcast and gather new ideas to apply to my work. Hopefully it will help in filling this section of the post 🙂

‘One new idea related to love/relationships’
This will be tough to fill every post, but I will try. Two things – each partner in a relationship should strive to work hard 90% of the relationship. If both try 90%, I am sure it will help in cutting out ego.

‘One new idea to further explore/learn’
This section would probably be more technical in future. But to start off, as I intently listened to ‘Rockstar’ soundtrack today, I want to better understand music as an art. What separates amazing music like ‘Rockstar’ from stupid Honey Singh songs for example. It is probably very subjective but might be interesting to explore.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I am sleepy. Good night!


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