Rambling – October I


Steve Jobs died today – and following his story has so many lessons for our lives, with the most important being to follow one’s heart and intuition! Thats so true I realize but at the same time, I kick myself every day for not doing so. I know I do not want to be at ZS any longer – what is the use of working fucking hard each day and not being¬†truly¬†creative or inspired in what I do.

Probably MarketLive has kept me going at ZS – it has provided right from day one an incredible opportunity to be creative and get my brains working. I shudder at the thought of working on the boring run-of-the-mill operation projects. Though it would be hard to leave a team like MarketLive, but I think its time for change – to take the next step and step outside into a different arena. My heart says a startup and more specifically related to energy! But I like to believe that I am good with numbers and with the world continuing to generate and store tremendous amounts of data, whether its pharma obviously or even social media (imagine how much data facebook generates and stores) and the need to perform analytics.

Creativity to me is not about coming up with a bright idea in an instant but its a process in itself – it involves immersing yourself in something you love. Whether that is true or not, but that is how it has been for me so far – be it spending countless hours on an idea and translating it into a graphic design using Photoshop or dwelling on an idea to write a short story or even at work while creating the user interface of MarketLive. In effect, it boils down to the process of creating a finished product within the constraints of time and effort – and I think that is what excites me.

I am always excited by sports and often wonder the thrill a sportsperson would feel on winning a close game. For me, sitting back and watching a finished product that I created is the closest I have come in feeling that thrill. And that is why I have an intuition that working at a startup, and bringing something to life(figuratively) at such a place would bring me that thrill! I would not care about working my ass off – whether its late week nights or even whole weekends – because then I would love my work. There would be no need of a work life balance as they would be one!