Confused to the hilt!

Well the post below was written on the 7th of January this year. However, at that time, internet was not working in my room so I had just saved it in my comp and forgotten all about it. The title of the post is the same as I had kept on that day.

Life can be so annoying at times I had never imagined! Its not anger that is boiling within me but frustration that slaps me hard after few wonderful moments that I experience. I have just started a new semester at my college after a month of vacation. The last couple of weeks have been all the more masti with my cousins from US visiting us in India. We had such a wonderful time doing many a kind of stuff that I wanted to do breaking many a barrier. It was a time when I had nothing to worry about – just forgetting most of your worries and pushing them into the background and letting your heart do all the work does allow you to enjoy to a great extent. Though a couple of the worries still kept pounding within my head, I still had a rocking time.

And being in that vacation mode, when you have to come back to your college that is full of cut-throat competition in all spheres that one can imagine can be really tough for anyone. Suddenly I have to decide on the courses to choose this semester. Next is the huge competition and I would not be completely off the mark to say the huge politics that is beginning to ensue in one of the groups I am involved in. And being fresh from a great vacation, I don’t want to get involved in all of it; but life being as it is, I guess there is no option for me but to enter it head first.

I don’t know for sure but maybe I am becoming less ambitious recently. I feel like just lying on a bed with a television screen in front of me all the time or a computer where I can watch american tv programmes; or if not at home I want to really enjoy myself. I just hope I am thinking of all this just because I have come right from a nice vacation and I am gradually able to balance work and leisure nicely. With some tough courses to study this semester I hope to study more and get better grades.