Idea machine # 3

Traveling to Manhattan is always an experience. The energy and vibe of the city is refreshing. It makes you want to dream again. It reminds you that the world doesn’t revolve around you and that is comforting in the sense that I can do whatever and not care about what people think.

The first step to ‘being creative’ is to be inquisitive. Being curious and asking questions will lead to more exploration – more reading and being knowledgeable.

One of the questions that surprisingly puzzled me today is ‘why does light travel at a constant speed’. I mean I understand it is empirically observed but why and how? Like, how can the photons only travel at an absolutely fixed speed? There are so many magnetic waves etc around the environment – not a single photon gets affected by anything and speed up or down by a single nanometer.

Well I am sure there is a good simple answer to that somewhere. Or maybe we as humans are just limited by what we know so far. There could be ways to speed down the light and use it for other applications. Just a random thought!