Good days!

I usually remember the blog world when I am feeling low and frustrated. Things are usually not going my way when I make use of this opportunity to hammer away a few keys to motivate myself up or something that would help me work harder and keep me pumped up.

Well today its different. I am here to express my delight at the good turns occurring in my life at the moment. There was this genuine desire inside me to have a CG above 7.5 when I sit for the placements next semester. Despite some hard work, things weren’t really going great guns for me and I was fearful of not achieving my goal. However, today the grades came out and they were far better than I had expected. In fact, this semester, I scored the first A in a lecture course in IIT Delhi. It feels amazing. I had almost lost hopes of scoring A while being in IIT after coming so close last semester and yet failing to do so. However, this time it was the other way round, when it was an unexpected goody.

Also in a couple of other courses, I have obtained higher than expected grades and it feels amazing to have Lady luck on your side for a change. Thank you everyone specially, my parents. I love you both! Hence, instead of requiring SG of around 7.7 to get a CG of 7.5; I have scored 8.33!!!

Its not just the academic front that has garnered most of the luck befalling me at present. I have become the Placement Head of IIT Delhi for the coming academic year and its a big thing to be bestowed with such a big responsibility. It has been largely because of the consistent hard work I have been putting in for the last two years. It feels good because this is the only important body that selects its team rather than electing its team. So as I was saying, its a big responsibility and I aim to work hard and carry forward the good work done by the previous teams and better the placement process. There are a number of gaping deficiencies in the system and a number of ways where the process can be made more efficient. So its gonna be a long and hard process.

I plan to take the position an organizational challenge, aiming to mobilize the team in the best possible way. The team is good and has some hard working people. I have worked with most of them before, so its going to be easier. The position provides me with immense opportunities to improve my organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. There are going to be numerous obstacles to be overcome and work has already started to overcome them. So its GAME ON!!!

At the same time, I need to work on a number of things. Besides MTP, where I need to work on a consistent basis, its high time I initiated efforts to study for CAT. Its real high time now. Go to Ambala, rest for a couple of days, refresh, and come back hard at everyone n everything. Things are going your way, and harder efforts are needed to keep them going my way before the tide rises back.

Again, it feels really good to have pulled it all off in spite of tide going against me at the start. From a bad start to the semester to ending it on a high, its been another amazing learning experience at this amazing place called IIT. However, this semester marks the end of the stay at IIT for a large number of my batch mates who were in four year programs. It feels weird and awkward to even think of staying back in Karakoram without some of my best friends here. I am still not able to imagine how the next semester would be. Just hoping that the remaining Dullas all gel together and have a blast of a time. I am still not being able to chew the fact that I have to say goodbye to a number of my friends. Its really weird! But I would just say that my best wishes are with all of you and hope you go great guns in your life.

Best of luck!!