Idea Machine – Day 3/200 (Anguish!)

It is hard to blog everyday. It is not due to lack of time even though I have been relatively more busy over the last few days. I mean, come on, I spent three hours watching ‘Agneepath’ rather than being productive. Anyways, back to business.

‘One new idea related to technology’
I wish there was an easy way for similar 9 to 5 workers like me to connect and work on cool projects during off hours / weekends. A lot of people are probably spending their time Netflixing / drinking / watching porn etc. Many of them would be more than happy to spend a few hours every week on an exciting project, only if there are other people ready to lead and give them specific directions.
– Could anything be done here?

‘One new scientific learning’
Reading an article on ‘digital healthcare startups’, I learned how the data inter-portability limitations has put a dampener on the startups in being able to market/sell their products. With over 100 EHR providers in US alone, lack of open API availability would definitely be an issue. Hopefully, the government realizes and ensures open APIs for vendors to be recognized by the vendor etc. ¬†Great learning as it drives home the point that it is not all red and rosy in the startup world despite loads of VC money flowing into them.

‘One new life lesson’

‘Why should I go to college?’
So you can get a degree
‘Why should I get a degree?’
So you can get a good job
So you can make good money
So you can pay back your college loans

I found this as a comic strip somewhere (cannot find the reference now), but it resonates not with me personally, but as a societal issue running deep in countries like US. It is amazing how people think about money before trying to get education. That is not how it should be and hopefully it changes pretty soon.

‘One new idea related to work’
Just do things. I am starting to have new ideas to visualize the Personalized Marketing project, however, rather than expecting other responsible people to create my vision, I need to just get it done. This is the time of my life to fucking work hard and not delegate everything. Don’t be so lazy.

‘One new idea related to love/relationships’
Dhadakte dil se poocho mat
Chup kyun hain uski zubaan
Jeene ke liye hai zindagi
Par lafz dil ke hon zaroor

‘One new idea to further explore/learn’
Neural networks. I keep hearing it as I read about AI. Since that is the future in various industries, I would love to get a better sense of how we are progressing towards making machines learn for themselves (though it is for another post that we need to better understand how our brains in order to be successful in truly AI machines)