Idea Machine – Day 2/200 (Do!)

Spending the weekend celebrating Ansh’s birthday along with Dusshera was a nice changeup to the routine. The drive back and the time at home gave me some time to listen to more podcasts and read more articles. However, as I begin this quest for knowledge as well as wisdom, I also realized it is not worth it unless I am able to apply the learnings. It won’t be a direct action. A lot of it would be at a subconscious level and permeate into all spheres of my life. However, I need to actually start taking action as well – for example, start flexing my idea muscle at work.

Anyways, back to the idea framework

‘One new idea related to technology’
Machine learning. For example, how Siri, Cortana work?
Action: I have joined Coursera’s machine learning course. So hopefully over the next couple of months, I can develop further knowledge in this field.

‘One new scientific learning’
Listening to the podcast, ‘People behind the Science’, where a leading scientist, ‘Dr Patrick Lusk’ talked about the field ‘molecular biology’. For example, I learned about the congenital condition named ‘Heterotaxy’ where the organs are located abnormally across the abdomen rather than the usual or mirror position. He discussed about how genetic engineering was used to identify the genetic makeup of such individuals and how they have been able to develop mechanisms to avoid such genetic conditions in future babies etc.

‘One new life lesson’
Act! Take action. Just a small step. It will give rise to big things. Be patient.

‘One new idea related to work’
One is to reach out to Lisa to get her feedback. Thank her for the award. And lay down some ideas related to Personalized Marketing, but again, more importantly, listen to her thoughts.

Another one is to start listening to the ‘Pharma Marketing’ podcast and gather new ideas to apply to my work. Hopefully it will help in filling this section of the post 🙂

‘One new idea related to love/relationships’
This will be tough to fill every post, but I will try. Two things – each partner in a relationship should strive to work hard 90% of the relationship. If both try 90%, I am sure it will help in cutting out ego.

‘One new idea to further explore/learn’
This section would probably be more technical in future. But to start off, as I intently listened to ‘Rockstar’ soundtrack today, I want to better understand music as an art. What separates amazing music like ‘Rockstar’ from stupid Honey Singh songs for example. It is probably very subjective but might be interesting to explore.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I am sleepy. Good night!


Idea Machine – Day 1/200 (Stay Curious!)

While waiting for ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ to download tonight, let me embark on this exercise of becoming an idea machine. I realized the importance of flexing my idea muscle several times over the last year; however I need to make it a regular habit through an approach I heard over a podcast. So in this exercise, I plan to write 10 new ideas a day for the next 200 days. Post the 100th day, I need to actually start taking action on them to make them worthwhile.

So here I go

Idea Category/Labels
An app to switch off/on/dim the lights in the room/home
How to connect electricity in home to mobile device? Like I always wish to adjust TV volume with my mobile
3 Wireless charging – still not sure why it is still not a thing Technology
4 A biochip on iWatch that pricks your skin for blood and does health checkup on the fly to recommend very “personalized” nutritional requirements BioTech
5 Introducing smell to the upcoming Virtual Reality technology – a way for the headset to recognize the ambient sensations in virtual world and then be able to let the user feel them BioTech
6 Self-learning algorithms. How can technology become self-learning? What is the current technology and how can we push it further such that a machine, after being taught a specific activity, can apply it to something else?  Learning
7 Can eye movements be tracked by a camera? It has far reaching implications. If it can be done, it will be the next big thing – for people to be able to use eyes as an input device. I mean, one straight forward way is to use camera technology to compare images of a person’s eye by second to monitor the difference and note the movements accordingly, no? Technology
8 An idea can change people’s lives but if people realize that the meaning of life is just to enjoy and grow oneself as a person (basically self-development as life goal), wouldn’t world be a better place to live? Motivation
9 Imagining a future without any cables/wires : So exciting. I mean right from no optic fibre lines for internet/cable TV (this is very critical to break the monopoly of few in this space) to a home without wires (where everything is charged wirelessly). A light bulb or even a TV just runs on batteries that are charged wirelessly through the solar panels attached to each house. The extra solar energy can be sold to the grid or ideally wirelessly to a central location so industries and other heavy energy consumption places can buy that extra power. Technology
10 Everything needs to become personalized – right from career choices, healthcare, relationships, technology, motivation – nothing should be generalized anymore. Maybe this framework of 10 ideas a day is not personalized for me. I get excited about ideas but more importantly, I want to learn more about the sectors that I generate ideas about. They might lead me to something or they might not. But I want to find out – be an ‘explorer’ of ideas, thoughts and places (both in actual and metaphorically). So instead, maybe the right personalized framework for me is to write a post on ‘one new idea related to technology’, ‘one new scientific learning’, ‘one new life lesson’, ‘one new idea related to work’, ‘one new idea related to love/relationships’, ‘one new idea related to future’, ‘one new idea to further explore/learn’. This can be modified per need basis, and more importantly, leverage this as a guiding framework rather than a rule. Just like religions are meant to be – just guiding principles for living a life rather than hard rules not meant to be broken. Personalized Frameworks


Do I have too many things on my plate at work as well as outside work? Can there be too many interests?

Just thinking about my current interests outside work – tennis, stock market, personal finance, mba, hiking/camping, cooking, health consciousness. This is excluding the obvious more important people in my life – parents, brother/bhabhi, love interest; as well as my interest in volunteer work like Udayan Care that has taken a backseat for now. Hopefully, becoming a member of UC chapter in US, as well as a board member of Brendan’s NGO might help me become more active in community work.

Just going over this list, all are very important to me not just to stay busy but also for my personal growth. The question is how can I be more productive? Should I roughly allocate certain number of hours to these activities each week / month? Or are there other ways to stop my mind running wild anytime I think of anything? Could increased use of ‘Pomodoro’ technique help in this?

My professional work around healthcare and analytics is what brings the dough back home for me to dabble in other activities. How can I make that more fun and inclusive in my life and not just work? I know my short-term goal in the next couple of years is to explore opportunities in small healthcare startups or ideas that can excite me! How do I achieve that? Network!! Reach out!! Exchange ideas!! Brainstorm!! Discuss ideas!! And then write them down!! Write, write and write… that is one thing I didn’t mention as my interest, but whether it is an interest or not, I better start writing more. Not for the sake of my future self reading these ideas, but helping the present self to unburden and let the mind be creative rather than trying to remember and juggle these ideas and interests.

Get inspired and inspire others! Help others!

Be more productive!

Following your heart and intuition

That’s all I have done most of my life but is it really my heart speaking? Isn’t it simply a construct of how the environment and peer pressure have shaped my thought process? Yes but then that is what life is all about. 
I like to think I am not influenced by what other people say or do or think. But the fact of the matter is that I do care what other people think. I don’t know. Everyone has their own life journey. Why am I so frustrated with my life? Seemingly, I have quite a bit of time on my hands – that I can use to be much more productive. 
Why am I so selfish? Why can I not help others without expecting anything in return? I don’t like doing anything for anyone. I am so self occupied. How can I change? How can I become a better person?
Do not take anyone for granted. Invest in both personal and professional relationships without expecting anything in return. If that is too tough, then just think of it as an investment in network building that will add value to the future. Forget about your ego.