Idea Machine – Day 1/200 (Stay Curious!)

While waiting for ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ to download tonight, let me embark on this exercise of becoming an idea machine. I realized the importance of flexing my idea muscle several times over the last year; however I need to make it a regular habit through an approach I heard over a podcast. So in this exercise, I plan to write 10 new ideas a day for the next 200 days. Post the 100th day, I need to actually start taking action on them to make them worthwhile.

So here I go

Idea Category/Labels
An app to switch off/on/dim the lights in the room/home
How to connect electricity in home to mobile device? Like I always wish to adjust TV volume with my mobile
3 Wireless charging – still not sure why it is still not a thing Technology
4 A biochip on iWatch that pricks your skin for blood and does health checkup on the fly to recommend very “personalized” nutritional requirements BioTech
5 Introducing smell to the upcoming Virtual Reality technology – a way for the headset to recognize the ambient sensations in virtual world and then be able to let the user feel them BioTech
6 Self-learning algorithms. How can technology become self-learning? What is the current technology and how can we push it further such that a machine, after being taught a specific activity, can apply it to something else?  Learning
7 Can eye movements be tracked by a camera? It has far reaching implications. If it can be done, it will be the next big thing – for people to be able to use eyes as an input device. I mean, one straight forward way is to use camera technology to compare images of a person’s eye by second to monitor the difference and note the movements accordingly, no? Technology
8 An idea can change people’s lives but if people realize that the meaning of life is just to enjoy and grow oneself as a person (basically self-development as life goal), wouldn’t world be a better place to live? Motivation
9 Imagining a future without any cables/wires : So exciting. I mean right from no optic fibre lines for internet/cable TV (this is very critical to break the monopoly of few in this space) to a home without wires (where everything is charged wirelessly). A light bulb or even a TV just runs on batteries that are charged wirelessly through the solar panels attached to each house. The extra solar energy can be sold to the grid or ideally wirelessly to a central location so industries and other heavy energy consumption places can buy that extra power. Technology
10 Everything needs to become personalized – right from career choices, healthcare, relationships, technology, motivation – nothing should be generalized anymore. Maybe this framework of 10 ideas a day is not personalized for me. I get excited about ideas but more importantly, I want to learn more about the sectors that I generate ideas about. They might lead me to something or they might not. But I want to find out – be an ‘explorer’ of ideas, thoughts and places (both in actual and metaphorically). So instead, maybe the right personalized framework for me is to write a post on ‘one new idea related to technology’, ‘one new scientific learning’, ‘one new life lesson’, ‘one new idea related to work’, ‘one new idea related to love/relationships’, ‘one new idea related to future’, ‘one new idea to further explore/learn’. This can be modified per need basis, and more importantly, leverage this as a guiding framework rather than a rule. Just like religions are meant to be – just guiding principles for living a life rather than hard rules not meant to be broken. Personalized Frameworks