Karma – listen to your inner voice!

Reading ‘The Secrets of Nagas’ these days. A few interesting quotes:

‘You have to live with your own karma. If in a dilemma – do what you think is right and you won’t feel doing wrong. It is your karma to fight evil. It doesn’t matter if the people that evil is committed against do not fight back. You do not live with the consequences of someone else’s karma. You live with the consequences of your own.’
In today’s everyday life, fighting evil might be too strong a word. However, the biggest takeaway is do not silence the good inside you. There is both good and bad inside you. You have to follow the good.


Alright РI was right in my last post. Things continue to get worse Рnot got into Tuck either. 

It has been almost 20 hrs since the decision came out – so I don’t feel as bad now compared to then. I have stopped thinking also. Otherwise it just hurts. With my beloved practice area – CJS – in talks of being stopped, it is just heart breaking. My baby and my only love at ZS is being killed is a terrible feeling.
Having friends to share these times is helpful – I talked to Saku last night and that was helpful. Why is life so cruel for people like us?
Playing tennis is so therapeutic – not sure if I have ever mentioned this here but I have definitely thought about this like hundred times. It makes me forget all the troubles for that one hour while I just focus on that ball.
Going to Sandys for breakfast is definitely one of the brightest spots of my life in Philly. Stella is a great person and her warm smile helps in distressing times like these.
Anyways, I need to buckle up and get passionate about stuff I feel excited about – learning new things. Getting back into Photoshop, dashboard stuff, applying for new jobs sound exciting. Nothing is achieved easily – when luck is so bad, the only way out is hard work and there is definitely scope for that. So let’s get going.
And yes, the happy moment of last 24 hours – talking to Saku!!!


It has been a few days since I last posted on this hashtag. Anyways, things have not been happy to say the least. Most of my life is shattering right now. Work life is getting worse and worse each day with an incredibly increasing desire to leave ZS. Personal life is in a mess for some time now but never thought it would get even worse. Unfortunately, I still don’t think I have reached rock-bottom yet.

The only good thing is ‘hope‘ – hoping for a better future and while exploring for new job opportunities, I am very excited about the options out there. I desperately want to get into either Kellogg or Tuck; but if not, then I need to have a plan B where the first step is to get out of ZS.

Options- apply to analytics firms like salesforce.com, tableau, IMS

Learn how to create dashboards till you are at ZS – it will help in future irrespective of what I do.

Anyways, looking forward to 14th evening when Tuck decision comes out!!

Ideas 3 – Less distraction

Thinking about the next big wave, it seems likely that it would be technology focused on keeping people focused. It is already a big problem – with the wealth of information available on hand, it is tremendously easy to be distracted.

There have to be better ways to keep people focused and maintain high levels of concentration for a stretch of time. I definitely have this huge problem and would love a way to keep myself on track and be more productive. For example, having an e-reader would be a tremendous way to keep distractions away with no easy way to switch to facebook!!

I don’t have a solution or a neat idea of doing it but definitely something worth pondering about!!¬†

Ideas 1 – Leveraging social communities for social change!

What does the world need?

With the extensive social networks and communities already built, what is the next big thing?

By utilizing those networks in a more meaningful way than just using for social interactions. Currently they are just considered as a big time sink – what if we can collaborate meaningfully through the connected world?

Identifying and solving social, health and economic problems at any level – be it local, national or global!! Basically using social media as the medium for social change!