I love test cricket!

Test Cricket can never die!!!

Watching the nail-biting fifth day Capetown test between England and South Africa right till the last ball, was several times more exciting and watchable than the meaningless India-Bangladesh ODI or the yawn-inducing India-Sri Lanka ODI matches.

What a masterful and inspiring partnership between the impenetrable Collingwood and a fighting Ian Bell. Their steely determination was a treat to follow on Cricinfo and so wished to watch to live on television.

Hearing and reading about the gripping passage of play after lunch with the superb Dale Steyn relentlessly probing a mistake from the immovable Collingwood seemingly entrenched in the crease, makes your heart beat again for cricket even if Sachin is not playing.

And not just the matches in South Africa but also the ones in Australia are more exciting than the dumb ODI matches being held in Bangladesh. Having held the upper hand for all first three days of the match, it was only a team like Pakistan that could have lost from that position. Umar Akmal seems a huge bright spot for Pakistan in the future, however, he would need to learn and understand that applying your talent is more important than just being talented.

Anyways, test cricket is well and truly alive. Looking forward to Wanderers and hopefully an exciting year for Indian test cricket as well.


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